Trackage Changelog

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Updates Known Problems / Defects Plans / Working on
17 Dec
  • Added China Post (Airmail)
25 Nov
  • Fixed some major caching errors that held up updates.
13 Aug
  • More development info added.
  • 'Help me' added when number not found.
31 July
  • Added UPS
  • Added City Link
30 July
  • Bug fix: memory deleted whole cookie not just one number
28 July
  • Save/Remove (Cookies)
  • Auto-update
  • Mobile optimisations
20 July
  • Cached Version
  • No button to delete a whole entry from the results page. But maybe not needed.


  • Deal with failure responses better (still include a link and company if we know deliv company)
  • Strip out all css and style from text retrieved.


  • Push notifications to Smartphones (inc iPhones)
  • More sophisticated analysis
    • Out for delivery
    • Delivered
  • Summary view
  • Mark number as mis-identified to delivery company (flush the cache)
  • Identify when results last updated.

Delivery Companies

  • Royal Mail / Parcelforce
  • Others...